Longhorn 2008 Beta - Tested

UtilitáriosSo after one hour -.- i'm ready with installing and testing . It install so fast thats really cool but i think Longhorn Reloaded is better moer bugs than in reloaded has Lh 08 but i think no one can awake Longhorn i think Windows Vista is better and looks better .For Questions to Longhorn feel free to ask . Thanks for reading & visitng my blog !

11.3.08 19:10

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta

A imagem “http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg22/Bush1do-Design/special.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Microsoft has choose 5000 People who can test the new Windows Live Messenger , after the IE8 Beta release Microsoft a second new thing Live Messenger 9 Beta . You can test it now , its not redesigned only a few new Features IE8 and WLM9 for Windows 7 ? Who want to download the messenger now click at the link (look down) .
Thanks for visiting , if you like to read more Informations about then stay tuned here !

Download now .
11.3.08 12:57

How to - Leopard on VMWare

UtilitáriosYesterday ive release a little Tutorial how you can installing Mac OS X Leopard on your Virtual Machine i think for myself its better to make a dualboot but for testing is vmware brilliant .
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what do you think about Leopard and works this Tutorial for you or not?
I think its only for Intel Processors using iATKOS but try it out !
For reading the full Tutorial visit my Deviantart Gallery here :

Read Tutorial now .

11.3.08 10:40

Installing Longhorn '08

A imagem “http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg22/Bush1do-Design/special.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Hey Visitors , today i try to install Windows Longhorn 4047 with a Lh 08 Patch .
On Screenshots it looks very nice , l
ater i want to upload some install pictures and at deviantart my first lh 08 desktop screenshot ,
so stay tuned . For more Questions or links
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11.3.08 10:28

Homepage -UPDATED-

Visual StylesHow you can see is the Homepage completly redesigned , i hope you like it . Tomorrow i will upload a few other Features and use Javascript for that . Click on the Header to go to my Deviantart Channel and visit my gallery .
I will post News every Day so stay tuned and link my site , visit them ! One More new thing ; I didnt post illegal things now like torrent links thats illegal and windows 7 is a fake . Tomorrow i release new Longhorn stuff in this blog , thanks for visiting !


10.3.08 23:41

Windows 7 Picture Gallery

A imagem “http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg22/Bush1do-Design/special.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Today ive found a lot of Screenshots of Windows 7 Ultimate M1 that is "released" , for all you can download it in my DownloadSection - Look in the Navigation . These are so many Pictures i cant upload them all but i want to post a link to the Site that is Translate with Google because its Russian . On the Pictures youll see the new Gadgets and a few new Features that you can find in the M1 . But the design is exactly like Windows Vista with another Features but nothing special . Here you can go to Gallery ..

View Pictures now !

24.2.08 12:25

New Layout

Visual StylesHow you can see - the Homepage looks different . Today ive took a bit Time to make a new Layout and i think its better than the first Layout because its not so boring ! The Picture is a Windows (RED) Wallpaper that ive found on DeviantART . Now ive take the Guestbook online and make a few new things in the Download Section , i hope that all broken Links are fixed . If not , please report it in the Guestbook . The Homepage is under construction . Thanks for visiting !

23.2.08 22:37

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