Longhorn PNGs

Visual StylesOn CrystalXP ive found good Longhorn PNGs for ObjectDock or for your Homepage the Resolution is perfect! This are the Original Longhorn icons in png format that you can use them not only for your Desktop also for your Weblog or Homepage !
For more Informations about this pngs read the article on the Downloadpage ! Preview also on the Downloadpage ..

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23.2.08 18:04

Windows Red Homepage Buttons

Visual StylesIve found a few good Png Buttons for Homepages theyre look like Windows Red , who dont know much about Windows Red they can read about that at the Microsoft Page . Ive release an Theme for Vista it named "Red Aero" and im inspered by this Project that is hosted by Microsoft and Dell . The Buttons youll find in my Download Aera + Preview !

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23.2.08 17:58

Longhorn Internet Explorer

Visual StylesThe Longhorn Fusion Team release a few things about Longhorn . How you can see have i post a new Explorer.exe with Startmenu and other Features . No you can download the Internet Explorer from Longhorn for Windows Vista . It has a "Switch" Feature in the Internet Browser were you can switch the Windows that youve open in the Browser . But its only a Beta the Downloadlink youll find in the Article !

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23.2.08 16:00

Longhorn Explorer for Vista

Visual StylesIve read this click article in the Aeroxp Forum and thats the Longhorn Explorer for Windows Vista . It will give you a Startmenu and an own Explorer.exe ! I have tested the Explorer and it looks very good , its a part of the Longhorn Fusion Team . It will only works with Windows Vista and not with the 64x Editions . For more informations read the Article that ive post in the link ! Here you can get the Explorer :

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23.2.08 15:54

Vista OS X v2

UtilitáriosIts here , today Patricksgs release the second setup of the Vista OS X Transformation Pack for Windows Vista ! It will transform it completly to M ac OS X Leopard . Now you can use an Uninstaller for faster uninstalling the Pack and go back to the normal Windows Vista look !
It contains a few new Programs and he'll work on a few Systemfiles for 64x . Here a little list what this Installer contains :

- RKLauncher with Stacks
- Login Screen
- Systemicons
- UxTheme Patch
- 2 Visual Styles
- All "Brandings" will be replaced
- Navigation Buttons
- New Welcome Center Style
- Safe Setup and Uninstaller
- much more ..

Now you can choose the Parts youll want to install , if you didnt want the RKLauncher or the Login Screen its not a Problem !
The License and more Informations youll find on the Download site . Please report broken links or other Problems to :
Patrickgs © 2008

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23.2.08 15:27

Windows 7 Calculator and Control Panel Video

A imagem “http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg22/Bush1do-Design/special.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.For a few hours ive seen a new Video in Youtube. Its a preview of the Calculator and the Control Panel of Windows 7 M1 . It has a bit more features then the Standart Control Panel from Windows Vista , the Codename 7 hasnt any bugs like Longhorn . When you want to test it you can install it on VirtualBox , VirtualPc07 or VMWare but you cant use Aero / DWM ! For more informations about windows 7 visit the Blog ThinkNext.net ! The Video youll find on the Blog ..

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19.2.08 18:01

DeskScapes 2.0

UtilitáriosA lot of People wait for DeskScapes from Stardock but when it comes out? No more news? They want to release it near Feb. and now its near March !
Do you have any Informations about that ? All who have ObjectDesktop can use a Beta Version of DeskScapes and can use Dreamscene on all Vista Versions , we all know that you can crack your vista and dreamscene can work also but this is the legal way of using Dreamscene and i think the better way . Who cant wait can read my Tutorial !

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19.2.08 15:50

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