Dream LH 1.0

Visual StylesDeskmundo release a beautiful visual style for windows xp , it named dream LH . It based on the Windows Codename "Longhorn" that was finished for a few years . Ive test the visual style and i must say it looks very good ! It was only one bug that i can find and that was the Font Color , but he said that he fixed them next version . If you want to see the Preview and download the Visual Style with Stylertoolbar etc. then click on download now and dont forgett to visit his gallery.

Download now !
19.2.08 15:31

Special Downloadlinks

A imagem “http://imagemuplaod.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/shellpacksms.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Today i want to post a few Downloads for you ! In the first entrys you can find downloadlinks to torrent sites wich upload Longhorn Builds etc. now you can find these files (iso) in my Download section -> Special-Downloads . Here you can see all Downloadlinks in one entry ! So have fun and if youve download these iso files and install please give feedbacks in the guestbook ! For more informations go to contact ! Here all new Special Downloads for you :

settings_right_rest.png Longhorn Reloaded M1 -NEW-*
Download now !

settings_right_rest.png Windows 7 Ultimate M1
Download now !

settings_right_rest.png Longhorn Build 4047
Coming soon ..

* New working Links , faster !
9.2.08 10:06

Longhorn Reloaded - Back to Life

A imagem “http://imagemuplaod.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/shellpacksms.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Windows Longhorn Reloaded based on the Longhorn Build 4074 , a few people have work on it and modified this production . But Microsoft has delete all Forum-post and the Website from the Longhorn Reloaded Team because they Modified things without Permission . It supports Aero and a few new things , would be this the better Vista? We dont know , the only thing thats real on this OS is that the Project must be canceled by the Team . After the first release of this OS , you can download UxThemefiles etc. But wait !
Today i've read a post that Longhorn Reloaded is back , the programers work on it , if that is true we dont know . It works not without bugs but if you want to test this OS , PLEASE only on a Virtual Machine . Your own PC cant be damaged , ive found a new Downloadlink  a torrent , its an .iso file and it loads very fast ! Key and Activation Patch on the Downloadpage !

Play Video now !
Play Video now !
See Screenshot now !

Download now ! * Please give me Feedbacks if you've install it , How work it? Does it need more RAM .. ? Go to Guestbook please !


7.2.08 18:28

Bush1do Youtube Channel

deskmundoglobo.pngToday ive create my own Youtube channel , ive made a few Tutorials like installing Ubuntu or other things . On my channel i want to release a lot of Tutorials ! So stay tuned , these Videos you can find here at "Other" -> "Guides" ! The Channel and other Videos youll found Here
For ideas and good Videos from other People go to Guestbook and post that things !

7.2.08 15:35

Windows 7 M1 Transformation Pack for Vista !

A imagem “http://imagemuplaod.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/shellpacksms.png” contém erros e não pode ser exibida.Yeah , NewsVista release a Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows Vista ! Who dont want to download and install the complete System can download and change the vista style in the "7" style , its not many other things but the system proberties and the shellstyles are great ! For more informations and other things about this pack please visit the Blog of NewsVista ! You must download 2 parts of the Transformation Pack ,so have Fun with Windows 7 Feeling ; )

Download now ! Part 1

Download now ! Part 2

5.2.08 15:09

Windows 7 M1 ViStart

Visual Styles
Yes today WindowsNET release the first ViStart Windows 7 skin for Windows XP is here : ) Who dont want to download windows 7 can use the Startmenu but its not all real !
More Informations :
The launch of Windows Menu 7 Milestone 1, for you to use on your Windows XP!
Based on the project ViUltimate The Perfect 3.1 with the following changes:
-> Added the "set in the start menu" (FAKE, and is at the corner of the master list for programs)
-> Size button (small) blue according to the size of the list of programs.

Download now !

4.2.08 17:37

Homepage Update !

TutoriaisToday i've made a few new things on this Homepage , now the "Download"-Category is working ! Youll find links to torrents and other helpfull things . Please read the readme on the Page "Special-Downloads" , in this Category youll found great things like Windows 7 M1 , Longhorn all Codenames (!) And other good things . Pleas report me damaged links or problem with downloads .
In the Category "other" youll find a Translator for French and Portuges ! Next Time i want to add Russian etc.

4.2.08 15:29

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