Vista OS X v2

UtilitáriosIts here , today Patricksgs release the second setup of the Vista OS X Transformation Pack for Windows Vista ! It will transform it completly to M ac OS X Leopard . Now you can use an Uninstaller for faster uninstalling the Pack and go back to the normal Windows Vista look !
It contains a few new Programs and he'll work on a few Systemfiles for 64x . Here a little list what this Installer contains :

- RKLauncher with Stacks
- Login Screen
- Systemicons
- UxTheme Patch
- 2 Visual Styles
- All "Brandings" will be replaced
- Navigation Buttons
- New Welcome Center Style
- Safe Setup and Uninstaller
- much more ..

Now you can choose the Parts youll want to install , if you didnt want the RKLauncher or the Login Screen its not a Problem !
The License and more Informations youll find on the Download site . Please report broken links or other Problems to :
Patrickgs © 2008

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23.2.08 15:27

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